(excerpt from) Newsday State threatens Donald Trump over Jones Beach rent By Zachary R. Dowdy

…In the latest letter, Harold Hagemann Jr., director of the state Concessions Management Bureau, said Trump’s failure to pay the base rent on the land where the complex is to be built will result in a mountain of interest and collection fees…

Schlesinger said the two sides are at an impasse partly because they never agreed on the plan for a building design after the state blocked Trump’s original. Trump then sued – and won, but the state is appealing. Trump maintains that the state’s pending appeal of the judge’s decision and a $500 million lawsuit Trump filed in response – saying the state’s intransigence caused costly construction delays – stops the clock on the rent payments. But Eileen Larrabee, spokeswoman for the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, said that rent payments were begun before the impasse and should continue regardless of the negotiations…

From Jim Brown:
For some unfathomable reason the New York State Parks Department and a local judge seem to have caved in to Donald Trump. But we should not despair–justice is on our side.

New York State initially asked for a small restaurant, 46,000 sq feet, to be built along the boardwalk at Jones Beach, a restaurant to serve the people. There is no reason why a restaurant/catering hall/souvenir shop extravaganza of 85,000 square feet should be built instead, to serve the rich, and to provide Donald Trump with ill-gained profit for 40 years. A catering hall which charges $500 per plate has no place on our premier oceanfront State Park. Trump’s development is an affront to the residents of Long Island and the entire State of New York, indeed his hubris is an affront to common decency. The legacy of Robert Moses on Long Island should not allowed to be trashed and destroyed by this ill-advised development scheme.

Governor Paterson has the ability to halt this project and return Jones Beach to the people. I urge all those who love Jones Beach–and justice–to contact the Governor and demand that the Trump project be stopped. Yes, a small restaurant at Jones beach, to be enjoyed by the average beach goer would be welcomed, but not the monstrosity that Mr. Trump seems intent on building.

Call Governor Paterson at: 518-474-8390 (his Albany office) or 212-681-4580 (his NYC office). Write the Governor at: Executive Chambers, Albany, NY 12224. To email Governor Paterson go to www.ny.gov/governor, and leave an email message–no to the Trump restaurant, catering hall, souvenir shop etc., etc.

Let the Governor know we love Jones Beach and wish to protect it from predatory commercialization! We must fight back, to save our beach!
Jim Brown

jrb398 at yahoo dot com

Trump, officials compromise on Jones Beach project
from Newsday / BY BILL BLEYER

Donald Trump and New York parks officials have agreed on a compromise proposal for his stalled Jones Beach catering hall and restaurant, but it won’t end the developer’s lawsuit against the state over delays in the project…

But opponents of the project said parks officials are still giving away too much to Trump. “I am outraged,” said civic activist Patricia Friedman, who added she would ask State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to stop the compromise.

From Jim Brown:

Fellow Environmentalists, Greens, Friends:

An important demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday, 6:30PM, October 7th, to voice Long Island’s opposition to the construction of the Trump restaurant/catering hall/souvenir shop, etc. at Jones Beach. The demonstration will be at the Caroline G. Atkinston School, 58 West Seaman Avenue, Freeport, NY. Read the rest of this entry »

from Long Island Newsday: Scotland sees woman fighting Trump on Ocean as local hero

Pat Friedman says, Youre Fired!

Pat Friedman says, “You’re Fired!”

Patricia Friedman, of Garden City South, said she was surprised by media attention from major Scots outlets

Patricia Friedman, a Garden City South civic activist, is accustomed to attention from Long Island media for leading the charge against Donald Trump’s proposed Jones Beach catering hall and restaurant. But she was surprised when she began getting calls from reporters in Scotland.

Friedman knew vaguely of The Donald’s plans to build a golf resort near Aberdeen. The Scottish media learned of her battle against Trump on the Ocean when a Manhattan press agent working with opponents of Trump projects in Scotland called about what they say is a pattern of personal retaliation by Trump.

Read entire article.

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Special thanks to Mary Ann Hennen, who took these wonderful photos and went on an adventure to get them developed fast…

Above: Pat Friedman leads various environmental and civic groups who care about Jones Beach in a rally at the AG’s office in Mineola to demand an investigation into the bidding and application process of the Trump on the Ocean project.

At left: Nassau Poet County Laureate Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. (in straw hat) reads a poem about the Jones Beach project, at the rally to ask the Attorney General to investigate the bidding, application, and approval process.

Above: While we don’t want the Attorney General to sit down on the job – the Jones Beach catering hall process looks a bit shady – we, ourselves, did have to take a break from the sun. This is from the end of our protest in front of the AG’s office on June 19, 2008.

Above: Pat Friedman talks to a reporter about the background of the Trump on the Ocean project at Jones Beach.

Above: Mary Ann Hennen demonstrates. Robert Sommerville broadcasts. At the Jones Beach Rally in Mineola, Robert Sommerville give us coverage for public media. Read the rest of this entry »

Rally to Save Jones Beach for the People of NY and
Ask the Attorney General to investigate the

Trump application

Thursday, June 19th at 11 am
The NY State Attorney Genera’s Office in Nassau County
200 Old Country Road, Mineola, NY 11501
For info:
(516) 582-5838

photo (c) Joe Shlabotnik, on Creative CommonsThe Trump application for a Catering Hall at Jones Beach – proposed to be Trump on the Ocean – has been denied by the courts a couple of times. Though, the project still seems in danger of going through. Pat Friedman is calling on the Governor and the NY State Attorney General to investigate all the problems with the project – the way it was bid on, the changes in the proposal, the apparent conflicts of interest with the proposers and elected officials supporting the project.

Since Pat Friedman submitted a letter to the Governor and Attorney General at the end of April 2008, and neither official has responded, Pat is asking the community to make some noise with a protest at the Attorney General’s office. The time will be: Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 11:00am. You could also call the NY State Attorney General’s Office to ask for the investigation. The Attorney General’s office in Mineola/Nassau County is: (516) 248-3302.

Also, give community activist Pat Friedman a call if you can help spread the word, or get your organization or group to sign on. Pat Friedman can be reached at: (516) 582-5838.

We can stop this project. We can save Jones Beach from over-development. We can force our elected officials to do what is best for all citizens, instead of catering to wealthy businessman.

In the meantime, the community could learn a lot from a careful investigation of what went wrong to push this project through the system in such a sudden and unfair manner.

Below are excerpts of a 10 page letter from Rosenberg Calica & Birney LLP on behalf of Patricia Friedman. The original of these pages (from page 1, 2, and 10) is scanned in at the “letters” page of this site.


Rosenbert Calica & Birney LLP
Garden City, NY

April 28th, 2008

Delivered via fascimile and FedEx to:

Honorable David A. Paterson
Governor, State of New York


Andrew M. Cuomo, Esq.
Attorney General, State of New York

Re: Trump on the Ocean LLC (“Trump”) at Jones Beach State Park

Honorable Sirs:

I represent Patricia Friedman, a resident of Nassau County, as well as two civic associations she represents. I am writing on behalf of my client and all other interested citizens of Long Island with an urgent request that you immediately investigate what appears to be highly questionable if not improper conduct with regard to the “Trump on the Ocean LLC” Project for Jones Beach State Park (hereinafter “Trump”), including the original “Request for Proposal” process which led to the State Parks Department giving a 40-year lease to Trump in September 2006 to build a large private luxury catering facility at historic and environmentally-sensitive Jones Beach State Park, with a “themed” merchandise store, nightclub, and lounge. Not only is it astounding that such a Lease was negotiated and signed without public knowledge and participation in the process, but the original concept articulated in the RFP of replacing the public Boardwalk Restaurant with a new public restaurant has evaporated, as the facility proposed by the Lesse shows that 90% of the building is for private luxury catered events, and less than 5% of the building devoted to a public restaurant — the very reason that the RFP was issued in the first place. Moreover, my client demands an investigation into just how an interest in this State-owned land could be used as collateral for Trump’s private venture and used to secure millions of dollars in financing for a private business, when the 2004 RFP unequivocally stated taht the lease could not be used as collateral. Thus, not only is Trump exempt from paying real estate taxes because the property is owned by the State, it has also given permission to use a lease of State property as collateral for a multi-million dollar loan. A review of the entire RFP process and lease is urgently required in the interests of justice and on behalf of the people, as it appears, among other things, that the RFP process was unfair, improper, and/or not conducted pursuant to the State’s Procurement Guidelines.

Equally troubling to my client, and of great urgency, are recent events concerning the litigation commenced by Trump against the State. It appears as though government officials, including the Attorney General’s office – is bowing to political or other pressures and has apparently indicated a willingness to cave in to Trump’s demand to build an excessively large catering hall as part of a “backroom deal” – which plainly calls into question the integrity of our governmental officials in connection with this entire project and is in derogation of the State Attorney General’s duty to the people of the State of New York to defend and uphold their interests. A summary of the relevant facts will establish why immediate investigation into this project is required…

The State Attorney General’s Office has a duty to enforce the laws of the State of New York…

On behalf of my client and the residents of the State of New York, I urge you to immediately investigate these issues, and prevent any attempts by government officials and agencies to amend or revise the terms of the Lease or the design and height limitations already imposed by the State. My clients do not oppose a restaurant at Jones Beach, but will continue to fight for the rights of Long Islanders who do not want to see an overcommercialization of Jones Beach State Park, particularly a facility which plans to devote less than 5% of its building for the public restaurant. We further request that the matter be referred as well to the Public Integrity Unit of the Attorney General’s office, whose purpose is to vindicate the public’s interest in honest government and the integrity of governmental officials at the state and local level. In closing, I note that this project appears to be extremely politicized, and that a number of State and local officials appear to be using their influence to see that Trump on the Ocean LLC is accomodated. The people of the State of New York deserve better than backroom politics, particularly when it involves the future of a pristine, historic, State Park that has been cherished by generations of Long Islanders. Thank you in advance for your careful consideration of this letter.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosenberg Calica & Birney LLP

Ronald K. Rosenberg

cc: Ms. Patricia Friedman

Meet Patricia Friedman

June 8, 2008

Pat Friedman at the Babylon Green Gathering. June 2008.